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Welcome to Springs Heating & Cooling! We believe in doing the job correctly the first time and building relationship with our clients.  We believe in ethical practices, fair pricing, and doing what is best for our clients.

Colorado Springs heating services


As a premier heating & cooling company, Springs Heating & Cooling knows that the loss in your home, in the winter, in Colorado is a matter of life and death. For owners of commercial properties, it’s not just a serious matter. It’s critical. We are here to heat your business or home, so all you have to do is enjoy.

air conditioning

Air Conditioning

We as human beings are creatures of comfort. Maintaining the proper operation of your air conditioning system is essential to being able to enjoy your home in the heat of the summer. Whether you own a standalone business, an office building, or any other commercial or rental property, comfort of your occupants is a prime concern.


Indoor Air Quality
& Humidification

In order to reduce the amount of airborne toxins and dust in your home that could affect your health, Springs Heating & Cooling is able to install and maintain many air quality products to improve the air you breath. Balancing humidity is like balancing a low-carb diet. Too much or too little can be bad. But there’s a sweet spot in the middle. We will help you get to that spot.

water heater

Water Heater

If you want to continue to enjoy hot showers and baths, you need to make sure that your home has the most efficient and properly-sized water heater unit.  Springs Heating & Cooling has many different water heaters and tanks that can fit any residential or commercial property. We will also check and advise the customer of any needed repairs and help prevent breakdowns.

swamp cooler

Swamp Cooler

Water is a valuable resource living in the high desert environment of Colorado. A well-maintained swamp cooler, in your home or business, runs quieter, and saves resources.  We provide regular maintenance which includes removal of evaporative media pads to check their condition.



You want your home’s critical systems to be safe and reliable, and scheduling furnace and air conditioner cleaning and maintenance can help you prevent a  emergency before it happens. Call Springs Heating & Cooling to schedule an annual inspection and tune-up of your units.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Financing Available

We offer KwikComfort®to help you finance your Rheem purchase. We understand that living on a small budget, unexpected cost can be hard. We feel that everyone should be comfortable in their own home.

Break your project into predictable monthly payments. See potential monthly payment plans in 60 seconds without affecting your credit score using Hearth HVAC financing.

trust your neighbors

Customer Reviews

If you want to be treated with your best interest in mind, then we are the company for you.  We are here to serve you. We listen to your concerns and then seek to attain the result that you are searching for from your heating and cooling equipment.

Mike was truly awesome! My wife was comfortable with him and she applauded his demeanor, skill, and great customer service! Please pass that on to him. Thanks for the great service, we will be using you guys again!
Paul Pharris
Paul Pharris
03:26 25 Nov 17
Had an excellent experience with them. Issac took his time to educate me on the system, clean out the drain pipe, and make sure everything was back up and running. Also, VERY affordable. Will use them again most certainly.
Sarah Harvey
Sarah Harvey
20:02 28 Jun 17
I have used Springs Heating and air a couple of times now. Excellent service and reasonably priced. Worked with Mark today and he was outstanding. Willing to help and go the extra mile when we had to come up with a creative solution to a problem with a very poorly located gas line. Thanks Mark!!!!
Jim W.
Jim W.
23:31 13 May 17
Springs Heating and Cooling was exceptional in their service. Mark helped me diagnose the problem over the phone after hours and then came out to fix the blower on my furnace. Highly recommend!
Bonnie Belzer
Bonnie Belzer
02:48 21 Jan 17
Mark was wonderful. He came out after business hours when our AC broke. Fixed it in less than an hour and even gave me a new filter. I was expecting about triple what he charged me! We will absolutely stick with this company.
lauren garrett
lauren garrett
02:23 21 Jul 16
Mark is a great guy to refer to friends. A solid level of professionalism with him and his crew. They just added duct cleaning to their service as well. Looking forward to our annual check up!E
Erik Cooper
Erik Cooper
18:21 23 Feb 18
I called all over on a Saturday, because the furnace at my rental house went out. These were the only guys to answer the phone. They got right out there and took a look. The furnace needed to be replaced and they handled getting it done by Monday afternoon. Issac was the tech that did the install and he was great! Excellent communication and very easy to work with. Springs Heating is my new go to!
Rod Sanders
Rod Sanders
22:47 16 Apr 18
Called this company to fix my AC because it keeps popping the breakers and he charged me $80 to come out and say there is nothing he can do because he isn’t an electrician. I don’t see why he couldn’t just tell me that over the phone? Also a good air conditioning guy should know electrical... so do yourself a favor and research companies that do heating, cooling AND electrical work.
Kylie Wheeler
Kylie Wheeler
04:20 01 Jun 18
Best HVAC Company I've used in Colorado Springs.Professional and affordable! Highest recommendations.
Scott Smetana
Scott Smetana
21:47 09 Nov 18
Tony was awesome. I talked to him about our gas fireplace not working correctly, and he was out the next morning, and had it fixed immediately. His professionalism and price cannot be beat.
Quinn White
Quinn White
18:06 30 Nov 18
Highly recommended!!! Imagine being deployed halfway across the world and your wife calls to say the heater isn’t working, it’s 13 degrees and the house is really cold. That’s the call I got. The battery in the thermostat died and she didn’t know how to open it. Springs Heating and Cooling installed a new furnace just before we bought the house last year, so I had my wife call them. She explained her situation and that there was three children in the house. They sent someone immediately and changed the battery free of charge. Note; the warranty expired already. This tells me they are military friendly and family friendly. The peace of mind I got was priceless. Thank you Springs Heatings and Cooling.
David Stanford
David Stanford
16:51 05 Dec 18
Amazing service! Heat was not working and called, they came out same day. Had Isaac come by for the appointment and he was extremely professional and extremely helpful. Not only did Isaac fix the issue, but he took the time to educate me on what to do. The effort that Isaac put in is greatly appreciated and would 100% recommend them to any person.
John Kearns
John Kearns
23:58 28 Jan 19
Mark and his team are the best! They have done work on my furnace as well as my clients and friends. Their customer service is top notch! I highly recommend Springs Heating and Cooling!
TJ Chambless
TJ Chambless
00:55 16 Feb 19
I recommend using Springs Heating & Cooling if you are looking for a company to work on your hvac in Colorado Springs. They did a thorough job and kept me up to date on the progress throughout the job. I think that they are an honest & reliable hvac company in Colorado Springs.
Dr. Alphonse Simeone
Dr. Alphonse Simeone
22:03 16 Apr 19
I've hired Mark multiple times for my own HVAC needs including installing a new furnace and a/c at a rental property and cleaning my personal residence furnace. I'm a Realtor and I have referred Mark to my clients for years. Integrity and great service!
Robin Searle
Robin Searle
16:55 18 Apr 19
Springs heating and cooling is my HVAC of Colorado Springs. Each year they come out in the fall to clean and check our home heating unit. One year they found a slight crack in a gas line and were able to repair it on the spot. I highly recommend Mark and his team for all your heating and cooling colorado springs needs.
Tom Keithley
Tom Keithley
17:56 30 Apr 19
2 thumbs up for good service and high quality work. Air conditioner was not cooling and Keith was great at quickly getting to the root cause of my problem and getting to a long term fix. I'll certainly reach back out to them if I have any HVAC needs in the future.
Aaron Ritchie
Aaron Ritchie
03:41 29 Jun 19
Absolutely great service, pricing, and quality. I interviewed 4 different vendors for my new AC, and these guys were head and shoulders above the rest. Isaac came out for both the quote and installation, and did fantastic work. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Cecelia T
Cecelia T
00:57 25 Jul 19
We are a construction company and use this company for ALL of our jobs that require HVAC work. Mark is quick, responsive, accurate, knowledgeable and does quality work. We highly recommend this company for any HVAC needs and would not use any other company. We can rely on Mark every time!
Love this company! I’ve used them for 3 years and won’t go anywhere else. They just replaced a furnace on one of my rentals. I got several quotes and they beat everyone by over $1000.
Sarah Harvey
Sarah Harvey
22:05 19 Oct 19

We listen to your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedication to our clients is to make sure we respond to their call in a reasonable period of time, even in the middle of the night. We answer our phones 24 hours a day or respond to a voice mail within one hour of an emergency call, and we know that this sets us apart from our competition.

Why do I need annual maintenance of my heating and cooling equipment?

First, the manufacturers require annual maintenance on your equipment to maintain the warranty from the manufacturer.  It is also highly recommended even if you are beyond warranty to keep your system operating at peak efficiency and to detect potential problems before you have a break down of the system.

How do I know if my system is operating at peak efficiency?

The only way to know for sure is to have a quality HVAC contractor perform annual inspections on the equipment with a check list showing the items that were inspected.  Springs Heating & Cooling performs a 25 point inspection on both furnace and A/C systems.  Have this inspection done on the furnace in the fall before winter sets in and on the A/C system in the Springs before the heat of summer.

How often should I change my furnace filter?

This is the one thing that an owner can do to increase the life and efficiency of a furnace and A/C system.  The filter is the number one culprit of causing maintenance problems and system failures.  It is recommended that the furnace filter be changed once a month.  However, if you remove the filter and hold it up to a white light and it doesn’t look opaque then you can change it every 3 months.

How do I know I need a new system?

First, age is the first indicator that a new furnace might be warranted.  Generally speaking, you get between 15 and 20 years of service on average from a furnace or A/C system.  It comes down to the better choice between an expensive repair as compared to the price of a new system.  We at Springs Heating & Cooling will offer you choices of the repairs, or several options of new equipment and we strive to work with the client’s budget and desires.

Is it a good idea to upgrade to a better or more highly efficient system?

This question is dependent on the length of time the owner is planning on being in the home and the cost of the system.  Higher efficiency comes at a higher cost that if it is maintained for several years it can pay off by having lower utility bills.  Generally speaking, if the owner is planning on being in the home for 5 or more years, the price difference may be worth the cost difference.