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What is an Evaporative Cooler (swamp Cooler) ?  Since ancient times, evaporative cooling has been used as an inexpensive and simple method of providing cooler air temperatures.

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Heat is absorbed whenever water is evaporated and converted to water vapor.  By passing air through or around a wetted surface, sensible heat is removed from the surrounding air in the vaporization of the water. In turn, the added water vapor increases the latent heat and the relative humidity, but retains total heat at a constant value. In contrast to compressing a refrigerant, evaporative cooling requires no mechanical work or energy and operates at considerably less cost than cooling by refrigeration.


Swamp Cooler Maintenance

The certified technicians at Springs Heating & Cooling can take care of all your swamp cooler repairs and maintenance. All of our repair services for swamp coolers are designed to help ease the stress of unexpected problems from reoccurring. Our regular preventative maintenance will save you money and help fix small problems before they turn more expensive. By having our technicians service your swamp cooler, you will save money on utility costs because your system will run more efficiently. We provide swamp cooler maintenance on pads, parts, fans, and more.

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