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Commercial Water Heaters

Water heater failures especially water leaks can cause extensive damage to a building. The incidence of mold and mildew rises if damaged drywall and wood are not cared for adequately.

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Commercial water heaters also endure a significant amount of wear and tear over the years, and you should consider our routine maintenance plan if you want nothing but the best from your water heater. During these tune–ups, we can flush out your system, inspect its components and make any necessary adjustments.


Water Heater Maintenance

As always, our technicians are available for commercial water heater repair services at any time. Call Springs Heating & Cooling today to schedule commercial water heater service.  To diagnose what the need is for gas and electric water heater repair, our team will first make sure that the system is up to code. Older water heater models do not have the new overflow regulators or local circuit breakers available to help avoid dangerous operating problems. Our experts will also inspect and assess the condition of the electrical system, gaskets, moving parts, and pilot light.

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