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We all enjoy the occasional do–it–yourself project, but when it comes to your business’ heating and air conditioning systems, you should definitely leave any repairs to the professionals.

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Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to fix that annoying noise that your HVAC system is making or trying to get it to provide you with enough heating or cooling. Call the professionals at Springs Heating & Cooling today and we’ll get to your business quickly to fix the problem fast.

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Sure, the internet has a lot of information about how to fix certain HVAC problems. But the industry training and the years of experience that our technicians have are irreplaceable. Don’t risk the future of your business; call Springs Heating & Cooling today.

Colorado Springs heating services


Any breakdown in a heating or cooling system is a serious thing. But, for owners of commercial properties, it’s not just a serious matter. It’s critical. Whether the property is an apartment building, retail store, office building or warehouse, the loss of heating, especially can affect scores of people. The problem must be repaired immediately. We know that you need to restore heating right away to avoid serious losses and business disruption. Our team of well-trained, experienced technicians is always on call to respond to your calls.

air conditioning

Air Conditioning

Whether you own a standalone business, an office building, or any other commercial or rental property, comfort of your occupants is a prime concern. If your cooling system is down, your bottom line will be impacted. Property owners and managers have been relying on us for top-notch products and services. As your trusted Colorado Springs commercial HVAC contractor, we understand the unique needs of air conditioning for businesses, and have extensive experience in selecting, installing, servicing and maintaining the commercial HVAC units at your property.

swamp cooler

Swamp Cooler

Water is a valuable resource living in the high desert environment of Colorado. A well-maintained swamp cooler runs quieter, and saves resources.  We provide regular maintenance which includes removal of evaporative media pads to check their condition.  With a fresh set of pads you’ll be ready for the long hot summer.  We’ll inspect the belts, bearings, motor, float, and water lines to make sure everything is in tip top shape. When we come by for your fall shutdown of your swamp cooler, we’ll make sure your heating unit is ready for the winter season too. Spring or fall, we can take care of your swamp cooler startups and shutdowns!

water heater

Water Heater

To diagnose what the need is for gas and electric water heater repair, our team will first make sure that the system is up to code. Older water heater models do not have the new overflow regulators or local circuit breakers available to help avoid dangerous operating problems. Our experts will also inspect and assess the condition of the electrical system, gaskets, moving parts, and pilot light. Systems within a water heater depend on each other, and when a problem is not addressed, it usually leads to new challenges. Contact a gas and electric water heater repair expert is essential for the safety of the business location.



You want your commercial property’s critical systems to be safe and reliable, and scheduling furnace cleaning and maintenance can help you prevent a furnace emergency before it happens. Call Springs Heating & Cooling to schedule an annual inspection and tune-up of your commercial units. Regular maintenance will ensure your air conditioner is working at top efficiency and can extend its lifespan. Water is a valuable resource living in the high desert environment of Colorado. We provide regular maintenance which includes removal of evaporative media pads to check their condition.

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